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An artist playing with poetry, ritual and dance, to explore interspecies collective healing and methods of resistance, and to tap into the sensual ceremony of life.


My practice investigates menstrual activism, witchcraft, conscious intimacy practices, hybridity and embodied ecologies, through a queer lens.

ritual-dancer, performance



a migrant, non-binary witch,

a menstrual fairy,

an intimate animal.

My work is focused towards community engagement, body-environment relationship, collective & ancestral healing practices. 


I facilitate learning spaces: creating experiments of kin and community making through writing and movement. I co-created open dance labs at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in 2019, with my collective Intimate Animals, as well as with collaborators Movement Poessesion, Steph Artop and Theo Alexander. I have also been holding space and teaching fusion bellydance classes, with a focus on authentic meditative movement, from 2012 to 2016.

 I research ecstasy, vulnerability and mourning.


I move through Butoh to feel the umbilical cord from my body to the earth’s body. I write from the same impulses: about longing, magick, about my life with others as a playful celebration-mess.

I had the joy to perfom my poems in Brighton, at The Hair Dresser Exhibition, curated by Francesca Cluney; in London, at the Two Temple Place, within the John Ruskin's "Power Of Seeing" Exhibition: a feminist event curated by Art Macabre. I was also invited to perform at the Polari Queer Zine Opening night, cancelled due to Corana Virus.

I have co-created the IntimateAnimals collective, where I am developing a methodology of dance rituals based on the process of symbiosis, within my research on hybridity and multi-species mythology making. We have performed at the Royal Albert Hall in 2018, within the Undisturbed festival, as well as at Eco-futures Festival: Deep Trash, in the same year, and at Emurgency Festival in 2020.

My love for collaborative creation is explored through the ongoing work within different art-performance groups: TimeBomb Theatre, Kimatica Studios, Sacred Moth Collective; as well as with other solo artists: Dovydas Laurinaitis, Iga Maria Szczepanska, Kalina Petrova, Audree Barvee, Celeste Combes, Melanie (MossedBones) and Nicole Bettencourt Coelho.

My art practice is deeply fueled by animal rights activism, as I am also inspired by the fertile chaos of anarchist thinking and the queer, eco-feminist and solar punk movements. With these tentacles of knowledge, I am trying to create embodied prayers, that are also apologies. Also protests.

I am

a lover,

a rebell,

a trickster. 

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